Witness Cremation Package

This is an enhanced version of our signature Amherst Cremation Package with the addition of a session for witnessing the start of the cremation.  It provides a simple yet dignified farewell at the crematorium (a brief viewing) prior to the witnessing the start of the cremation itself.

This package still includes the popular Amherst Cherry Cube urn and Amherst Cremation Container (cremation casket), and a Lifetime Online Memorial page to complete your memorialization needs. Details of what the package includes:

Basic Professional Duties and Services
  • We come to you at a convenient place and time of your choice (e.g. your home, your office) and complete all required paperwork for you (or complete arrangements entirely online (with no printer, scanner, nor faxes required) at your own convenience and pace.
  • 24/7 staff support: Immediate  support of our in-house staff anytime during business hours 7 days a week plus afterhour staff support (for critical issues and emergency dispatches).
  • Removal of the deceased from place of passing and transfers to our sheltering facility and to the crematorium.
  • Refrigeration and shelter.
  • Obtaining all required releases, permits, and death certificates (including registration with Vital Statistics).
  • Delivery of cremated remains and death certificates to you in 5 (five) business days or less (Cremated remains generally available 2 (two) business days from the witnessing cremation date).


Basic Preparation of the Deceased

this covers:

  • Basic sanitary care (no embalming).
  • Setting of facial features to allow natural and dignified identification/viewing.
  • Dressing and casketing.


Witnessing Fee
this covers:

  • Additional fee to have the crematorium clear, rearrange their activities and reserve a special time to allow the witnessing session.
  • Use of transport vehicle and Amherst staffing at the witnessing service, where presence of Licensed Funeral Director is required.


Cremation Fee
which includes:

  • 1 (one) Amherst’s exclusive, dignified, satin-covered cremation container. Suitable for a person weighing up to 220 lbs.*
  • *A special oversize cremation container (an additional charge of $195) is required to properly handle a person weighing over 220 lbs.


1 (One) Original BC Death Certificate
we also include:

  • 1 (one) certified copy of the death certificate for claiming CPP death benefit.
  • 2 (two) notarized copies of the death certificate (a value of $50.00)
  • 10 (ten) simple photocopies of the death certificate, to assist you with various estate handling.
  • additional original (official) death certificates can be purchased for $27.00/each.


Consumer Protection BC Fee
A mandatory administrative fee by Consumer Protection BC, a legislative governmental agency who regulates and licenses all BC funeral providers, crematoriums and cemeteries.


Included Items and Services
  • 1 (one) Amherst’s exclusive, dignified, satin-covered cremation container.
  • 1 (one) Amherst’s Signature Cherry-Finished urn (a retail value of over $120.00 at other funeral homes)
  • 2 (two) notarized copies of the death certificate (a value of $50.00)
  • Canada Pension Plan & Estate Handling.
  • Lifetime online memorial (condolence) page (a value of 150.00)
  • Removal of implant devices/pacemaker* (a value of up to $95.00)
  • Afterhours removal from place of passing (evenings & weekends)* (a value of up to $195.00)
  • Removal from home, hospice or other non-hospital care facility   (a value of up to $195.00)

No Charge

GST (5%)
Tax on goods and services


TOTAL         $2,100.00


TOTAL                                            $2,100.00



Amherst’s exclusive satin-covered cremation container

Amherst cherry-finished urn

Options for Customization

Not quite what you’re looking for?  Add the following services to customize this package:
Simple ID Viewing Session
This includes:

  • 30-minute viewing time at our Mortuary Service Centre in Coquitlam, BC.
  • Maximum 5 (five) attendees only for each session. 
  • Dressing and basic preparation of the body (no embalming).


This includes:

  • 2 (two)-hour viewing/visitation time in an open house style (no formal/structured service).
  • Held at a chapel in Vancouver, BC.
  • Dressing, basic preparation of the body (no embalming) and casketing.
  • Rental Casket (Hardwood).


Funeral Service with Viewing
  • More blurb here

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